Windows 7 loader Free Download

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Logon Loader will make the task of swaping logon screens easy. All you have to do is select a new logon screen file and you're set!

You can even preview your logon screens before selecting the one you want. Logon Loader also has the ability to randomly select a logon screen every time you log on.
Windows 7 loader 
This Logon is in French but a translation patch to English is in the pack.
The best way for install it is use a special program like "Logon Loader" [link] .

Warning, it's a WinXP SP1 Logon
Simply download the startup screen that you'd like displayed when you start Windows and once set, the picture will be shown every time you start Windows XP. You can load as many pictures or images as you want so that when you want to change it, you can do so easily simply by selecting another picture. You can even program it to cycle through screens so that you've got a different picture every time you start Windows. If you're not sure if your images are the right resolution for the Windows XP start screen then you can easily preview how it will look before uploading it permanently into Login Loader. All you need to do this is a screen shot of the login screen you'd like to use.

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