CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN- 10 License key giveaway

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67 Responses

  1. Need Key says:

    I would like to have a key please.

  2. Norhan says:

    i want a key too

  3. Karnveer says:

    I would like a key as well please, thanks!

  4. Steven Valdez says:

    I would like a key! Thank you.

  5. Filipe Pedro says:

    Really want a key xD

  6. Filipe Pedro says:

    Need a key, thank you!

  7. Al says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. senses says:

    sorry guys, i had 12 keys and just one left. If you share this article on facebook/google+/tiwtter, reply here with a screen and ill send you over the key

  9. Dan says:

    Hey man have you got any codes left?

  10. Al says:

    It is OK. I do not have facebook/google+/twitter, so I cannot do that. Let me know if you get some extra keys. Thank you anyway.

  11. Phe-Jay says:

    Please I want a key Thank You!!!

  12. rajurajkumar says:

    key plese bro

  13. Talha Rai says:

    Sir !! I Shalll Be Very Thankful !! IF YOu Send Me These Codes

  14. sebastian says:

    Please can You send me key
    one day I try repay You with some
    help my mate

  15. Cravch says:

    Pls CyberGhost VPN key, thank you!

  16. Fahri Tunca says:

    Pls CyberGhost VPN key, thank you!

  17. billy says:

    please send me CyberGhost Vpn Key

  18. Logan says:

    I would like to have a key, please.

  19. steven says:

    i need the key too pls, tyvm

  20. Boris says:

    I also need a key, best regards

  21. sonu says:

    i need key please….!!!!

  22. KamLin says:

    Excuse me can you send me key for cyberghost?? T^T I can not buy it in Venezuela. I appreciate if you can send me one.

  23. Adelmo says:

    Gostaria muito de uma chave premium ciberghost 5

  24. Mark says:

    I ended up buying a year and even that has gone now so if you come across a key please consider me for a free year license, many thanks for any help you give me and keep the site going, good stuff

  25. Abir says:

    Can I have a promo code of any vpn please ?

  26. Matthias says:

    und das Geht Wirklich ????

    Dann möchte ich sehr gerne ein key 🙂

  27. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Can I get the key as well.

    Thank you,

  28. ronaldo says:

    pelo amor de Deus me manda uma licença!

  29. please says:

    can i have a key please ? thx for all

  30. Sonu says:

    can i have the key

  31. Douglas says:

    como posso senha WinRAR???

  32. mark winters says:

    i realy think youre doing a good job and i would like to say god bless and take care

  33. Rishi singh. says:

    My Review : Well as far my past experience, i can say that cyberghost VPN is among the Best VPNs currently out there, it’s free version also give so much possibilities.
    One of My favorite features is that it shows how many users /connection connected to particular selected server location, that helps in choosing fastest among them.
    By currently using free version, i am truly aware that it’s full license will give more capabilities to explore geolocked website, digital content & sometime server/country specific downloads.
    If this giveaway is not over yet, please count me in.
    Sincerely – Rishi

  34. Router says:

    i want keyl thanks.

  35. David Hagan says:

    Wow CyberGhost is one of the best. I bought one a couple of years ago after winning a non premium version and I loved it. I have been using Okay off and on since and it just is not the same. Oh how I would kiss your dirty feet for a key!

  36. Miso says:

    i discover this post so late…is there any key for me? i am a free user of cyberghost and found the service is the best even if it is free. thanks.

  37. arian says:

    can i have a one CyberGhost key please ?
    i will definitely share freesharewares on all social websites
    please freesharewares

  38. saman says:

    can i have a one CyberGhost key please ?

  39. Nikhilesh Kumar says:

    been using this vpn’s free service since last 1 month to be honest. and i liked it very much. I would love to have its premium service.

  40. odyody says:

    Oh god u still giving licence for this wonderful vpn — please give me one if still possible

  41. senses says:

    All keys provided! only couple left.

  42. edvard says:

    Cyber Ghost VPN without doubt among the best in the world and the service is excellent.
    can i have a one CyberGhost key please ?
    Thanks .

  43. alex says:

    If it’s possible to send a key for me please thanks .
    Cyber Ghost VPN is the world’s best service .

  44. Ericka says:

    Hi!, how are you. can you send me the key please?.. Tanks you soo much..

  45. ZTG says:

    Could I have a key, my other VPN has expired.

  46. kankaefe says:

    Nice giveaway. for all, cyberghost has start logging since this year. they know ur computer id and other information. its still a nice, reliable service but with logging atm. by the way, good luck to all.

  47. senses says:

    Still 5 keys left, The more you share, the more chances you get!

    • Gloria says:

      Hi, I would like to get a key pleassseeeeee…… Not really sure how to share cos i didn’t see a share button on the article but I’ve done a post about it on my google+ and I shared the article link there. I don’t use facebook and twitter.
      I’ve been using Cyberghost for 3months now and I would really love to have access to the premium but I can’t afford it, though they currently have a promo and they’re giving it for $30 which is still a lot of money for me. Please I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send me the code. Thanks in advance for your positive response.

  48. janatan says:

    been using this vpn’s free service since last 1 month to be honest. and i liked it very much. I would love to have its premium service.
    can i have a one CyberGhost key please ?
    Thanks .

  49. RM says:

    I’ve used it in the past with no regret. It’s a VPN that works without hassles. I would like you could consider me to have one of your Cyberghost Keys please.
    Thanks! PS: I will share this page!

  50. shrinivas says:
    Do you have any keys left ?
    If so, please send me one !

  51. DINH VAN says:


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